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Many homeowners turn to Mainstream Windows, an established manufacturer of UPVC windows in Birmingham. With over 20 years of experience, we excel at providing our customers with the highest quality windows, doors and conservatories for their homes and businesses.

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Far beyond letting in light and providing your house with openness, your windows reflect the personality of your home. Key aesthetic and practical features, your windows can change the look of your home, revitalise it, and make it more suitable for modern living.

Optima Profile 22 uPVC Windows in Birmingham

If you are considering giving your home the update it needs, Profile 22 – suppliers to West Midlands firm Mainstream Windows – have created a leading window and door system based on an intelligent design, elegant aesthetics and a commitment to deliver exceptional performance.

Profile 22’s Optima collection has been created with the highest standards in PVC-U windows and doors in mind.

“Optima is unique,” “No other windows, doors or conservatories are produced in the same way and no others have the same great features.”

Optima Profile 22 uPVC Windows

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Improved Security & 10 Year Guarantee

Profile 22 prides itself on the protection and security that its Optima windows, doors and conservatories can give to your home.

“Optima has got it just right. Optima meets the high standards of security required by the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Secured by Design scheme. Optima is Kitemarked by the British Standards Agency and produced in accordance with internationally respected measures of management methods and environmental impact. Optima is also guaranteed. We work hard to ensure that the manufacturing and installation are faultless, but we’re more than happy to offer a full insurance-backed, ten-year guarantee.”

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Optima Profile 22 uPVC Windows

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uPVC Windows to Improve Your Home Aesthetic

“When you live in an older or unusual property, standard window designs often end up compromising the appearance of your home”, “They don’t reflect the original character or style of the building, and although they may function perfectly well, their appearance isn’t quite right.”

“That’s why we’ve developed the Optima Flush Casement. It’s different. It recreates the style of traditional craftsman-built timber windows. The opening panes don’t stand proud of the frame but sit flush, nestled within it.”

“This is how casements were built for centuries, but unlike the originals, this system is bang-up-to-date with its performance. It insulates, it has outstanding seals to protect your home from rain and wind, and it’s secured with all the best, modern, multipoint locking.”

“But all the high-tech features aren’t allowed to spoil the authentic period styling of these flush casements. The proportions are perfect, the details are accurate, the handles and stays have all the charm of the originals. Even looking closely, most people have no idea they’re looking at a low-maintenance, durable, secure and very energy-efficient window.”

How Optima uPVC Windows Work

“To understand what makes Optima special, you have to know a little about how PVC-U glazing products are manufactured. Each individual section is extruded and shaped at high temperatures. The sections are then passed through water-cooled calibration tanks to ensure precision. If there is any contamination in the water, surface scratches and lines can appear on the finished product.”

“Optima uses a closed-loop calibration system with filters that prevent contamination. What’s more, the system uses less water and power than conventional methods. The result: a cleaner, greener product with a fantastic finish.”

“The sections that are used to manufacture windows, doors and conservatories include outer frames which are fixed in place, sashes which open and close, midrails, mullions and transoms that form the shapes and structures. Each section is made from multiple chambers which insulate and provide the rigidity required.”

“In cross-section, the shapes look complex. They have grooves, lugs and locators. These ensure that the glass is held secure, that the seals are weather tight and that hardware and reinforcing stay in place.”

Optima provides several advantages that can all benefit your home.

“There are more insulating chambers meaning your home will be warmer, walls are thickened where screws will be located – handles and hinges will remain firmly fixed. Drainage channels are deeper – water won’t collect in the frame causing damage. Beads are easier to position – your windows are more secure.”

“There is more overlap between the sash and the outer frame – frames look slimmer and there’s better protection from extreme weather. Installation is easier and a perfect, neat and tidy job is much simpler.”

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