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First impressions matter, so why not make the best choice on the entrance to your home. At Mainstream, we offer top of the range composite doors to suit any style. With over 20 years of experience, we excel at providing our customers with the highest quality windows, doors and conservatories for their homes and businesses. 

If security is high on your list of priorities when it comes to home improvements, then you really cannot go wrong with a composite door to keep you and your family safe from wrong-doers. Our doors are made to measure, in our workshop, from the most durable materials, giving you a good, solid front (or back) door which can withstand pretty much anything.

Your front door can be equipped with a multitude of added features, such as; a door knocker, letterbox, security chain or spy hole to name just a few. We will work with your vision and produce the perfect door for your needs.

Hard-wearing and Secure Solutions

Strength, attractive design, durability, high levels of security and weather-resistance are all strings to a composite doors’ bow. With GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) coating, this ensures a brilliant hard-wearing exterior that is resistant to damage and dents.

Composite doors are ideal for use on the front and back of your home due to their higher security level and insulation properties, meaning your home keeps out potential intruders and keeps in the warmth and cosiness.

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Green Composite Door
Brown Composite Door

Painless Maintenance

Composite doors need very little maintenance due to their hard-wearing outer material and solid design. However over time, with them being outside, they will inevitably get dirty so will need a quick wipe down on occasion.

Avoid using any harmful cleaning products on these doors as they could be abrasive and/or corrosive. Instead, clean it down with simple water on a clean sponge or cloth and then finish by rubbing baby oil on the door (again using a soft cloth to protect the exterior surface) and this will retain its finish without causing any corrosive damage.

Since our composite doors are finished with a layer of heat-reflective GRP, they will not require re-painting ever.

Composite doors are fast becoming the favourite when it comes to external double-glazed doors, mostly due to their extreme strength and top of the range security features but also because of the wide range of options available.

Choose from a variety of colours, finishes, styles and even window shapes to suit your home or business – no matter the age or design of your home, there is a composite door to suit it.

This is one of the strongest doors on the market as all of the materials have been compressed and glued together under high pressure, to create a super-door! Each door features layers of solid timber (core), glass-reinforced plastic and uPVC or aluminium which combine to form a brilliant barrier from the outside elements. 

Enhanced weatherproofing and thermal efficiency both aid in keeping your energy bills lower, as the insulation these doors provide will mean you no longer need that curtain or door snake to help stop the cold from creeping in.

Single material doors just don’t cut the mustard when compared with a composite door, they tend not to cover every eventuality in quite the same way – wooden doors can warp, split, discolour, crack and expand – plastic doors can be cracked, damaged by the sun, discolour and become brittle – some metal doors can rust, warp and be scratched/dented.

Composite doors take the best properties of each material and combine them to make some of, if not, the best doors out there. The multiple lamination layers of a composite door help to prevent bowing and warping and make for a thicker, more secure and insulated barrier.

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As we mentioned above, you really can’t beat a composite door for security. All of Mainstreams doors are thoroughly tested throughout production to ensure they meet high-quality standards at every step of the way.

These highly secure doors can be equipped with brilliant multi-point locking systems (ranging from 5-7 points). These uniquely designed cylinders which have been tested for tamper-proofing are all ‘Secured by Design’ certified, meaning you get peace of mind every time you lock up your home.

Composite doors receive the best grade for security and weather resistance, so not only are you safe from potential intruders, but you are also protected from all of the weird and wonderful British weather.

If you want better security than other alternative doors (UPVC, Wooden) can offer, then you will definitely be interested in a composite door. Get in touch today if you’d like to discuss your own door replacement and fitting – we’re happy to help with any questions you have.


A composite door is great for insulation (heat retention) which can lead to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. When heat is kept inside your home, you will find that you don’t need your heating on 24/7 and your home will stay cosier for longer, even after turning off your fire or radiators.

Oftentimes, heat can get lost through the letterbox or underneath a door, but we fit composite doors perfectly snug, so you get the maximum insulation impact that these thick, heavy-duty doors can bring to your home.

Even in winter, the thermal protection composite doors offer is second to none.

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